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Updated: 4 hours 40 min ago

Tiny Fly May Hold Key to New Generation of Hearing Aids

5 hours 47 min ago
Ormia ochracea, a tiny yellow parasitic fly native to Central America and the southern United States, has an unusual habit. It deposits larvae onto the backs of crickets, which burrow into the insects and consume them from the inside out. The fly locates its host by listening for the cricket's high-pitched chirp, which it can hear from as far away as the length of a football field, and pinpoint its location. It's something no other insect can do. In fact, O....

Guardhouse Becomes Tiny Venue for Cold War Art Project

5 hours 50 min ago
A German artist has turned a tiny surveillance booth used by the communist regime in the former East Germany to monitor citizens into an art exhibit and venue, which will be installed in a museum near Los Angeles dedicated to the Cold War. The one-person guardhouse measuring two meters by one meter was originally located in the parking lot of state-run news agency ADN so that authorities could keep a watchful eye on reporters. Artist Christof Zwiener rescued it from...

US Lawmakers Urge Tougher EU Sanctions on Russia

6 hours 10 sec ago
U.S. lawmakers of both parties say Russia must pay a price for events in Ukraine, but that price can only be exacted with Europe’s full and vigorous cooperation.  Members of Congress are closely monitoring this week’s meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. The downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet over eastern Ukraine has elicited perhaps the fiercest rhetoric towards Russia heard on Capitol Hill since the Cold War.  On the Senate floor, Republican Dan Coats said Russian...

Kerry: Hamas Has a Fundamental Choice

6 hours 58 min ago
With Israel pressing its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the humanitarian crisis there is growing worse by the day. VOA State Department Correspondent Scott Stearns reports from Cairo where Secretary Kerry called on Hamas to accept Egyptian proposals for a cease-fire.

Palestinians Appeal to UN Security Council

7 hours 14 min ago
The Palestinian Authority’s envoy to the United Nations appealed to the Security Council Tuesday to take action to stop the killing of Palestinian civilians, as the death toll in the Gaza Strip topped 600 and a cease-fire with Israel remained out of reach.   Ambassador Riyad Mansour held up photos of dead children and read out their names. Many were from the same families. “Mustafa Nabil Mahrous Siyam, age 12; Ghayda Nabil Mahrous Siyam, age 8; Dalal Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8 months;...

Experts: China-India Relationship Will Need More Than Economic Bliss

7 hours 34 min ago
The recent meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil pointed to promising signs in bilateral relations.  The two countries appeared ready to move beyond border issues to create positive momentum in a more important arena – economic cooperation. But analysts interviewed by VOA suggest future relations between the two neighbors will depend on more than economic bliss. A key sign of...

NASA Focuses on Earth-Like Planets

7 hours 41 min ago
For decades, looking for life elsewhere in the universe meant listening for signals that could be from distant civilizations. But recent breakthroughs in space technology refocused some of that effort toward finding planets that may harbor life, even in its primitive form. When NASA launched the Kepler Space Telescope in 2009, scientists learned something new - and quite significant, says the director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, Matt Mountain. “Our galaxy has at least 100...

US Embassy Training Nigeria Electoral Officials

7 hours 43 min ago
The U.S. Embassy in Nigeria is organizing a series of workshops to train public affairs officers of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be better able to interact with stakeholders in the run up to next year’s general election, according to Nick Dazang, the electoral body’s national Deputy Director for Public Affairs.               Dazang says INEC officers who have participated in the program are pleased with...

NASA Focuses on Earth-Like Planets

7 hours 59 min ago
For decades, looking for life elsewhere in the universe meant listening for signals that could be from distant civilizations. But recent breakthroughs in space technology refocused some of that effort toward finding planets that may harbor life, even in its primitive form. VOA’s George Putic reports on a recent panel discussion at NASA’s headquarters, in Washington.

Turkey PM: Obama Relations Strained by Syria

8 hours 10 min ago
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggests his relations with U.S. President Barack Obama have diminished, saying he is disappointed about not getting direct results on the crisis in Syria. Erdogan is believed to have wanted direct U.S., military intervention in Syria. Erdogan told Turkish media he used to call Obama directly, but now leaves conversations on Syria to the two countries' foreign ministers. He said he speaks directly with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on the...

Column: A Summer of Innocent Deaths

8 hours 34 min ago
Based on past experience, here is the likely outcome of the current Israeli-Palestinian fighting: A cease-fire will come in a few days – perhaps by Monday when the fasting month of Ramadan ends – and will last for a year or two. Another confrontation will follow, once Hamas has replenished its store of rockets and rebuilt tunnels to infiltrate Israeli land. Israel eventually will trade hundreds of Palestinian prisoners for the body of at least one Israeli soldier who has gone missing...

Conflicts Increase Emergency Food Airlifts

8 hours 51 min ago
The World Food Program reports increasing conflicts in the first half of this year have created a huge surge in emergency airlifts and airdrops of food to people caught in hard-to-reach areas. The air service run by WFP says it has had to deliver 50 times more food by air this year compared to the same period last year to tackle multiple global emergencies.   Since the beginning of the year, UNHAS, the U.N. Humanitarian Air Service, has delivered some 7,600 tons of food as well as...

Researchers: Elephants' Sense of Smell Superior to Dogs'

8 hours 58 min ago
The best sense of smell on Earth belongs to the largest land mammal, the African elephant, according to researchers at the University of Tokyo. Their new study found that African elephant have 2,000 genes dedicated to recognizing odors - twice as many olfactory genes as dogs have, five times as many as humans and many more than 11 species of mammals considered to have a keen sense of smell.   The researchers wrote they could not determine a reason for the large number of elephant...

DRC Troops Repel Attack on Kinshasa Military Base

9 hours 27 min ago
Gunmen attacked a military camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital on Tuesday, but the government says the situation was quickly brought under control. In an interview with VOA's French to Africa Service, government spokesman Lambert Mende said a "small band" of attackers tried to enter Camp Tshatshi in Kinshasa but were stopped. He said authorities have not yet determined whether the attackers were "terrorists or thieves." A written message on...

Fresh Fighting, New Blame Game in South Sudan

9 hours 38 min ago
Officials in Jonglei state on Tuesday accused rebels loyal to former vice president Riek Machar of again violating the January 23 cessation of hostilities agreement by attacking SPLA positions in Ayod County. State Information Minister Judi Jonglei Boyoris said many civilians fled as the SPLA fought and pursued the rebels. But opposition military spokesman Lul Ruai Koang blamed the fresh outbreak of violence on government forces, who he said had attacked rebel positions in Ayod...

Activists Call for Gambian Government to Improve Human Rights Record

9 hours 44 min ago
Activists across West Africa held protests Tuesday on the 20th anniversary of President Yahya Jammeh's seizure of power to raise awareness about what they call Gambia's "dire" human rights situation. Human rights groups are demanding the Gambian government put an end to alleged repression, torture and forced disappearances.    Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Gambian embassy in Senegal's capital to, in their words, raise awareness about ongoing...

CAR Peace Talks Suspended Due to Seleka Absence

9 hours 48 min ago
Peace talks between the government of the Central African Republic and rebels have been suspended, after the main rebel group failed to show up for the second day of the session. The talks, in the neighboring Republic of Congo, were put on hold Tuesday due to the absence of former Seleka rebels. A former C.A.R. minister, Abacar Sabone, who now represents the MLCJ (Movement of the Central African Liberators for Justice) rebel group, told VOA's French to Africa Service that mediators...

UN Needs More Funding for CAR Refugees

9 hours 49 min ago
The UN refugee agency said it needs three times as much money as it's already received to provide basic aid to the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). In an effort to revive international support, UNHCR held a donors’ meeting Tuesday in Geneva.  The agency said that so far, it has received about one-third of what it needs this year to carry out its humanitarian operations in Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the...

Erdogan's Rhetoric Raises Diplomatic Tensions

10 hours 3 min ago
Turkey’s prime minister has been criticizing U.S. policies in the Middle East, particularly regarding the conflict in Syria and fighting between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Analysts say tension between Washington and Ankara comes at a time when the two allies must cooperate to confront the growing threat by Islamic extremists. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's comparison of the Israel military operation in Gaza to Hitler is further straining relations with...

July 22, 2014

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