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Updated: 14 min 30 sec ago

US Activist Heading Home After Serving Peru Sentence

24 min 5 sec ago
American activist Lori Berenson is finally heading home to New York, two decades after being found guilty of aiding leftist rebels in Peru. The 46-year-old has been living quietly in Lima with her 6-year-old son since her 2010 parole because she was barred from leaving the country until her 20-year sentence lapsed. Berenson told The Associated Press that occurred on Sunday. Fearing being mobbed by reporters on departure, she would not disclose details of her travel plans. She said she...

Pope Outlines Mexico Trip With 4 Stops, Including Juarez

41 min 10 sec ago
Pope Francis says he hopes to add the key Mexico-U.S. border city of Juarez to his Mexico itinerary next year, confirming the trip will have a strong immigration theme. Speaking to reporters en route home from Africa on Monday, Francis said he would begin his trip in the capital, Mexico City, to pray before the Virgin of Guadalupe "the mother of the Americas.'' He said he planned to visit Chiapas on Mexico's southern border with Guatemala, where many Central African...

Opposition Mounts to Genetic Modification of Embryos

46 min 17 sec ago
A group of U.S. scientists and activists on Monday called for a global ban on the use of new tools to edit the genes of human embryos, in a report issued a day before a major international meeting in Washington to discuss the ethical and policy issues surrounding the technology. A technological innovation that can strategically edit out specific stretches of DNA could ultimately lead to the genetic modification of children, and should be halted before it starts being used, scientists at...

Climate Change Impact in Serbia

1 hour 22 min ago
Leaders from some 150 countries are meeting in Paris this week at the U.N. Climate summit, where delegates are working to draft a new global agreement to cut climate-changing emissions. Their goal is an accord that would reduce global emissions to avoid the most extreme impacts of climate change. VOA’s Rade Rankovic looks at the impact of climate change in the Balkans and what Serbia is trying to do about it.

Teenage Girl Sets Goal to Empower Kids with Computer Coding

1 hour 39 min ago
Computer science jobs in the United States are some of the fastest-growing and highest-paying, but a majority of students have no access to computer science classes before high school or college. One teenager, however, became fascinated with the intricacies of computer coding and now works to inspire elementary-age children to code. Swetha Prabakaran, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, founded Everybody Code Now!, a non-profit organization....

Activists Attempt to Change Ukraine’s Approach to Climate Change

2 hours 2 min ago
Ukraine today is among 20 largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world but so far preventing climate change is not yet a priority for the Ukrainian government. The few examples of green technology in Ukraine are exceptions to the rule - and average Ukrainians still consider global climate change a distant problem, unrelated to their lives. As Oksana Lihostova and Ruslan Deynychenko report ecological activists are trying to change that perception.

US, S. Korea, Japan to Meet on N. Korea Nuclear Issue

2 hours 8 min ago
Representatives of the United States, South Korea, and Japan will meet in Washington this week to discuss the North Korean nuclear issue, a senior official in Seoul said on Monday. The envoys are expected to share their assessments on the security situation in the Korean peninsula and discuss ways to revive diplomatic efforts toward resolving a deadlock over North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, according to the official, who did not want to be named. The official said the envoys...

Teenage Girl Sets Goal to Empower Kids with Computer Coding

2 hours 13 min ago
In the US, computer science jobs are some of the fastest growing and highest paying, but a majority of students have no access to computer science classes before high school or college. A high school student, who became fascinated with the intricacies of coding, wants to inspire children to do coding and perhaps consider careers in computer science. VOA's June Soh has more on Swetha Prabakaran, who was recently recognized by the White House for her effort. Carol Pearson narrates.

UN: Ugandan Rebel Attack Leaves 24 Dead in DRC

2 hours 26 min ago
Coordinated overnight attacks on civilians by Ugandan rebels in an eastern border region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has left at least 24 people dead, including one U.N. peacekeeper, the United Nations said Monday. A statement from U.N. Special Representative Maman Sidikou condemned "the cowardly, systematic and criminal attacks" in the Beni region by the Islamist rebel group known as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). It says rebels struck two targets Sunday,...

Russia Blacklists Soros Foundations as 'Undesirable'

2 hours 38 min ago
Russian authorities on Monday blacklisted the Open Society Foundations run by U.S. financier George Soros. Russia's prosecutor general's office added the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation to a list of “undesirable” organizations, which bans them from continuing to give grants to Russian partners. Under a vague law passed in May and signed by President Vladimir Putin, prosecutors said the Soros foundations were undermining Russia's...

Mysterious Illness Kills Dozens of Children in Indonesian Village

2 hours 47 min ago
A mysterious illness in Indonesia has killed dozens of children in a village in the remote eastern province of Papua in the past three weeks, leading to charges that the government has failed to take aggressive action. At least 41 children have died of the unknown disease in Mbuwa, Papua.  Human Rights Commissioner Natalius Pigai accused the government of negligence in Nduga district, where Mbuwa is located, and told VOA he fears more deaths will follow if the government does not...

Reactions Mixed in DRC to President's Call for Dialogue

3 hours 30 min ago
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there has been a mixed response Monday from opposition parties and civil society to President Joseph Kabila's call for a political dialogue to sort out election issues. The biggest opposition party, the UDPS, has not issued a public communiqué in response, but has given the president's call a mild welcome, while other opposition parties have rejected it.  UDPS spokesman Augustin Kabuya told VOA that a dialogue is needed to settle...

Pakistani, Afghan Break Months of Deadlock

3 hours 54 min ago
Leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan held an “extensive exchange” Monday in Paris, focusing on the stalled peace process in Afghanistan, according to an official statement issued by Pakistan. The meeting between Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani, on the sidelines of the climate summit, ended a months-long deadlock between the two countries. Prime Minister Sharif told Afghan President Ghani his country considered Afghanistan “as an equal,...

Former PM Leading Burkina Faso Presidential Vote

3 hours 58 min ago
Former Prime Minister Roch March Christian Kabore holds a strong lead as results trickle in from Burkina Faso's presidential election. Journalist Emilie Iob, reporting for VOA from Ouagadougou, says partial returns Monday showed Kabore ahead with more than 50 percent of the vote, setting up the possibility Kabore will win a first-round victory. Burkina Faso's electoral commission has called a news conference for midnight, local time, to announce the overall results of...

A Path to Literacy on the Street Corner

4 hours 3 min ago
According to a recent study, 34 percent of Maryland's 3rd graders are reading below grade level. Holly Gray has spent years mentoring young people in Baltimore, Maryland's largest city. Her latest effort to change that statistic is helping the community get more access to books. For VOA, Michelle Chavez reports.

Bono, Clooney, Kardashian Part of All-Star AIDS Campaign

4 hours 54 min ago
Would you like to spend quality time with George Clooney as he showers you with compliments? How about walk a red carpet with Meryl Streep or visit the set of "Game of Thrones''?   They are all possible: Bono is a launching an all-star campaign featuring "once-in-a-lifetime experiences'' that can be won after donating at least $10 to his organization (RED), which raises funds to fight AIDS. The campaign kicks off Tuesday to coincide with World AIDS Day,...

Pink Named UNICEF Ambassador in Fight to End Child Hunger

5 hours 8 min ago
Trailblazing pop star Pink saw firsthand severely malnourished children during a recent visit to Haiti as a part of a UNICEF program to provide therapeutic food packets to children in need.   The singer, whose given name is Alecia Moore, was named a UNICEF Ambassador on Monday to help promote a new effort to encourage physical activity in young children in the United States and at the same time raise money for nutritional, vitamin-rich peanut paste to be delivered to hungry children...

US Tightens Visa Waiver Program After Paris Attacks

5 hours 31 min ago
The United States tightened its visa waiver program Monday in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, adding new screening for travelers headed to the U.S. from 38 countries around the world who now are allowed to enter the country without a visa. The White House said the country's homeland security agency is immediately altering its electronic visa-free clearance system to capture information on whether U.S.-bound travelers have made any trips to countries the United States...

Rights Group: Cambodia Rape Victims Denied Justice

5 hours 31 min ago
A Cambodian rights group says corruption is responsible for a staggering lack of justice for rape victims. The Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO) says it has reviewed 762 cases of rape allegations between 2012 and 2014, finding a majority of the cases ended without a trial. “More than half of the cases, which ended before trial, were settled by the payment of compensation to the victim by the suspect, in return for which the victim dropped the...

November 30, 2015

5 hours 57 min ago
A look at the best news photos from around the world.

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