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Clashes Erupt as Liberia Sets an Ebola Quarantine

Thu, 2014-08-21 00:00
Soldiers and the police blocked roads to a neighborhood of tens of thousands of people in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, and residents hurled rocks and stormed barricades trying to break out.

Relief Official Urges Groups to Step Up Ebola Efforts

Wed, 2014-08-20 00:00
Dr. Joanne Liu, the president of Doctors Without Borders, called the outbreak in West Africa a “complete disaster” of a scale not yet known.

Agencies Issue Warnings Over Bogus Ebola Cures

Sat, 2014-08-16 00:00
The World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration warn some makers of dietary supplements to stop claiming their products will heal Ebola victims.

With Ebola Cases Still Few, Populous Nigeria Has Chance to Halt Its Outbreak

Sat, 2014-08-16 00:00
Health officials are watching Lagos, the metropolis where all of Nigeria’s Ebola cases have been reported, with intense interest.

Condemned but Undeterred, Boko Haram Is Still Abducting Nigerian Youths

Sat, 2014-08-16 00:00
The militant group continues to make gains, planting bombs in cities and taking over towns, largely unchecked by an army ravaged by what diplomats say are corruption and morale problems.

Handmaiden to Africa's Generals

Sat, 2014-08-16 00:00
Security in Africa can only be achieved by supporting diplomacy, democracy and development.

Health Officials Try to Quell Fear of Ebola Spreading by Air Travel

Fri, 2014-08-15 00:00
The organization reacted after Korean Airlines suspended flights to Kenya, which is not among the countries afflicted by the Ebola outbreak.

Sierra Leone Again Loses a Top Doctor to Ebola

Thu, 2014-08-14 00:00
The death of Dr. Modupeh Cole at a Doctors Without Borders treatment center was a blow to the nation’s ability to stem the disease.

At Heart of Ebola Outbreak, a Village Frozen by Fear and Death

Tue, 2014-08-12 00:00
More than 60 people have died from the virus in a tiny village in Sierra Leone, and now people there worry that a quarantine will cut off their food and supplies.

Nigeria Struggles to Cope With Ebola Outbreak

Mon, 2014-08-11 00:00
Nigerian health officials announced two deaths from the Ebola outbreak that is sweeping West Africa, including a nurse and the naturalized American from Liberia she had been caring for.

Tracing Ebola’s Breakout to an African 2-Year-Old

Sun, 2014-08-10 00:00
The current Ebola outbreak, the largest ever, seems likely to surpass all previous known Ebola outbreaks combined, and epidemiologists predict it will take months to control.

Ebola Drug Could Save a Few Lives. But Whose?

Sat, 2014-08-09 00:00
Public health authorities are wrestling with whether and how to bring an experimental medicine to the countries in Africa afflicted with the virus.

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