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200 airstrikes pummel Aleppo amid ceasefire

Sat, 2016-09-24 18:52
Bloodied toddlers wail on a hospital bed. Rescuers pull a baby from rubble, unsure whether the child will survive.

US citizens charged after body parts found in Thai raid

Sat, 2016-09-24 15:17
Thai police say they've arrested three men -- including two Americans -- after officers found human body parts in a freezer during a raid on an alleged passport forgery operation in Bangkok.

The secret costs of Islamophobia

Sat, 2016-09-24 10:33
Islamophobia didn't start on 9/11. It's rooted in one of America's oldest prejudices -- and it's more dangerous than you think.

Jeremy Corbyn wins the UK Labour Party's leadership battle

Sat, 2016-09-24 09:35
Britain's opposition Labour party has today confirmed Jeremy Corbyn as leader after the left-winger saw off a challenge from fellow Labour MP Owen Smith.

Pleitgen: Syrian people do not deserve what is happening in their country

Sat, 2016-09-24 01:08
Ceasefires come and go, the violence gets worse, the only thing that rises is the death toll writes CNN's Fred Pleitgen, who has reported extensively on Syria.

N. Korea: US faces 'consequences beyond imagination'

Fri, 2016-09-23 19:45
North Korea went on the offensive Friday, blasting the US for "aggression" in Asia, blaming Washington for its pursuit of nuclear weapons and threatening the US with "tremendous consequences beyond imagination."

Secret powerhouse processing millions in fraud

Fri, 2016-09-23 19:17
The frauds rake in millions from the sick and elderly -- leaving them with nothing.

Kerry demands 'immediate action' from Russia and Syria

Fri, 2016-09-23 16:39
US Secretary of State John Kerry met once again with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Friday, as the two countries face a potential turning point in their engagement in Syria.

ISIS has a navy, and US is sinking it

Fri, 2016-09-23 16:00
US and allied warplanes have sunk over 100 ISIS boats, destroying 65 of them in September alone, according to the international military coalition.

Death toll climbs above 100

Fri, 2016-09-23 15:58
At least 118 people have drowned since a migrant boat capsized this week off the coast of Egypt, Egyptian state media Ahram Online reported Friday.

Monty Python's Terry Jones diagnosed with rare dementia

Fri, 2016-09-23 15:02
Terry Jones, best known for his part in the British comedy group Monty Python, has been diagnosed with a rare form of dementia, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts confirmed today.

The stylist behind Beyoncé most controversial look

Fri, 2016-09-23 12:48
Jenke Ahmed Tailly wanted to a woman of color for his L'Officiel cover shoot. He got Beyonce, and the result was unprecendented.

South Korea says it has plan to kill Kim over nuke threat

Fri, 2016-09-23 11:49
South Korea has elite troops on standby ready to assassinate Kim Jong Un if the country feels threatened by North Korean nuclear weapons, the country's defense minister revealed this week.

What the royals will wear in Canada

Fri, 2016-09-23 10:28
This weekend, the world's most famous family hits Canada for a quick-fire round of 30 engagements across British Columbia and Yukon. Dozens of national and international reporters and photographers will try to keep up as the Cambridges embark on what's set to be a landmark week-long royal tour.

While they were talking: How the world failed Syria this week

Fri, 2016-09-23 10:16
As world leaders engaged in a war of words at the United Nations General Assembly this week, ordinary Syrians continued to suffer.

Survivors of migrant boat tragedy tell of heroism, loss

Fri, 2016-09-23 08:53
Metwally Mohamed says he knew as soon as he boarded the boat anchored off the Egyptian coast that it would sink.

NATO and the EU aren't going anywhere

Fri, 2016-09-23 08:41
Europe has been battered by Brexit, terrorist attacks, Russian aggression, the migrant crisis, and uneven economic performance. The two most important institutions undergirding European stability -- NATO and the European Union -- confront grave threats.